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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your Questions


 Who can Volunteer?

Everyone can volunteer! We have a huge range of volunteers coming from all walks of life, everyone has something valuable to contribute to the Charity whether that's a skill or simply their experiences. We pride ourselves on offering support and flexibility to all our volunteers to ensure that their role works for them.

Do you offer training to the volunteers?

Yes! We offer training for Hospice based volunteers through online training and a group face to face induction. Our retail volunteers all receive training relevant to their shop and processes during their induction period. Once you are up and running we will invite you to additional training which is not mandatory but may benefit you in your role; these include communications training, dementia friends training and hand massage training. We also welcome suggestions of training which may enhance your role!

I want to volunteer but there are no vacancies in that team. Do you operate a waiting list?

We are very lucky to have a team of dedicated team of volunteers so in some of our roles we do not currently have any vacancies. If you are interested in a particular role where there are no vacancies, we can keep your details on file for if a vacancy should occur. We would also encourage you to look at other roles which you may enjoy that do have vacancies.

What will I get out of volunteering?

As a volunteer for the Charity you will always have the reward of knowing you have made a difference to those we care for, whether that's volunteering directly with our patients or raising funds and awareness in our shops or fundraising team. You will also have the opportunity to make new friends and gain or enhance your skill set. We also provide our volunteers with a reference for employment or other volunteering positions.

How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

We have a range of volunteer opportunities from regular volunteering to one-off volunteering at events.On average volunteers in the Hospice or in retail will volunteer weekly or fortnightly for roughly 3 hours. In Fundraising roles can be more ad-hoc and require less of a time commitment.

What skills do I need to volunteer?

The majority of our volunteering roles do not require any specific previous  experience as we provide training and support. Qualities we look for are flexibility, common sense and a positive attitude. All volunteers have a staff member who will manage and support them.

I have recently been bereaved, can I volunteer on site at Hospice?

At the Hospice we ask that you volunteer a minimum of one and a half years post significant bereavement as we find that volunteering on site and particularly with patients can be challenging, the exception to this is volunteering in our Bistro and as a Gardener which can be 6 months after a bereavement. In our Fundraising and Retail team there is no waiting period as these roles do not generally have patient contact. We understand that bereavements effect people in different ways and are always happen to have a conversation if you would like to discuss this.

Do you pay expenses for volunteers?

Yes, you are able to claim out of pocket expenses. We reimburse reasonable travel costs which includes bus fares and car mileage to and from your place of volunteer activity.

What is the minimum age for volunteers?

The minimum age for volunteering onsite at the hospice is 17 (for volunteers aged 17, we require a parental consent form). You can volunteer in one of our shops and our Fundraising department from 14.

What is the maximum age for volunteers?

There is no specific upper age limit for volunteering with us.

My company encourages me to volunteer? Can you help?

We have very limited opportunities for companies to volunteer but we do have a small number of different companies who support us and donate their valuable time. Please contact the Voluntary Services team to request the relevant point of contact.