Inpatient Unit Volunteer

Paul Barraclough

Having visited several friends who have been cared for on the ward at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity I saw the fantastic work the staff do and was keen to assist in any way I could.

I am a recently retired Primary school headteacher, now supporting the training of new teachers and school leaders. I am also a civil funeral celebrant.

I supported the Charity’s Christmas Tree Recycling Scheme for several years and signed up to the Hospice Newsletter and learnt about volunteering through that.

I was surprised by just how many volunteering roles and opportunities the Charity offers and have been impressed by the warmth of welcome and support given.

I enjoy working alongside a positive, smiley, resilient group of staff and meeting families and patients on the wards.

There are so many ways to support the Charity that it is important to choose something that is right for you –  something that fits your skills, interests, temperament and qualities.

Working on the wards is not for everyone. Not everyone can garden or work in a shop. Not everyone can answer a telephone or work in the community…. but there is something.

Choose the volunteering activity that suits you and where you know you will be comfortable and be able to support the great work the Charity does.

Male leaning on Reception smiling at the camera