Complementary Therapy

Treatment tailored to each person may involve a single therapy or a combination of therapies.

The team offer Aromatherapy (including Aromasticks), Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Zero Balancing, The M Technique and Indian Head Massage 

Complementary Therapist giving a hand massage

Our approach 

Our team of complementary therapists tailor programmes to each person’s needs.  Sessions provide a safe space where patients and their carers can take a little time out of their daily challenges and achieve a sense of wellbeing.

Treatments may help alleviate many common symptoms such as pain, nausea, insomnia, muscular aches and low mood.  We aim to offer the maximum benefit whilst disturbing the client as little as possible: comfort is everything. 


Under normal circumstances the team would do a brief assessment over the phone when booking the first appointment and then take further details, in person, at a first session.  

However, due to the situation we currently find ourselves in with the coronavirus pandemic, telephone calls are being made so that we can assess needs and discuss what treatments we are able to offer at this time.   

The impact of COVID-19 

At present the team continues to provide therapies on the Inpatient Unit and at the Hospice, which is COVID-secure, where there is a clinical need. 

In Living Well Services, complementary therapy is provided for patients and their loved ones when appropriate, and following protocols on PPE. 

For community-based patients, visits are made and complementary therapy treatments are provided whilst wearing appropriate PPE.

The team also offer telephone support,  aromatherapy advice and aroma sticks and have put together some online video demonstrations including ‘how to give a hand massage’, ‘how to give yourself a hand massage’ and a ‘facial refresher’ video. Click the arrow in the videos shared on this page, to watch these. 

These treatments have helped me so much. I have come to think of them as “stepping stones” helping me to manage my grief. The conversations that we have had have been invaluable to me and your treatments are wonderful, I feel so relaxed & peaceful afterwards.

October 2021


How many people do the complementary team support?

From April 2020 to March 2021, 243 people were known to and/or treated by the complementary team.

Therapies we can offer include aromatherapyZero Balancing, Reiki, Reflexology and therapeutic massage (including Indian Head Massage)  

More in-depth information about each of these therapies can be found in the Complementary Therapy leaflet, which is available to download above.   

We provide outpatient appointments in bespoke therapy rooms in the Hospice’s Bradbury Wellness Centre, on the Inpatient Unit, in people’s own homes or as part of the Living Well Service programme  

There is no set duration for a treatment, although they rarely last longer than an hour, this is your time.  

If you are currently using an Arthur Rank Hospice service, you or your loved ones are welcome to enquire about treatments.  Please ask the doctor or nurse providing your care, to refer you.  

Once a referral has been made the team will be in touch within a week to allocate an appointment or give an indication of when you are likely to be seen.  For more information, please visit How and when to seek a referral or call the team on 01223 675824.

The service is free of charge, but if you would like to make a donation towards your treatment, please let your complementary therapist know, or click here to donate 

Thanks to the dedication, commitment and generosity of the local community and the hard work of our senior leadership team to secure vital contracts with the NHSall our services are free of charge.     

It will cost £11.51 millionthis financial year to operate our services. Contracted services from the NHS are budgeted at £7.07 million,  meaning that £4.44 million needs to be raised through donationsfundraising activities and trading.

We are extremely grateful to our local community for the continual dedication, commitment and generosity they show in supporting us to meet this target.

Occupational Therapist Marianna in her uniform, smiling

Marianna Armstrong, Complementary Therapist  

Marianna is one of the team offering complementary therapies to patients and their families or loved ones. She says: “Complementary therapies provide people with the space to achieve a sense of wellbeing.  It is a real privilege to be able to help them feel relaxed and nurtured, which in turn impacts on their quality of life. Discover more about Marianna in our colleague story.