Volunteer Transcriber

Amber Wood

I first found out about volunteering with the Charity through a website called Do It and was looking for remote opportunities. It caught my eye and sounded interesting, something I’d really want to participate in.

I transcribe audio and video materials either for the dialogue to be used in newsletters, press releases and stories, or for accessibility on YouTube. I need to pay attention to what it is said, how it is said and other things such as pauses and laughing. I’ll then do a final check and either publish it on YouTube or send the dialogue in an email using Word. With videos, subtitles need to flow smoothly and be at the right speed to read.

I enjoy being educated about how the Hospice works in addition to what life is like for patients using services at Arthur Rank Hospice. I really enjoy being part of a team and saving other people time by doing jobs that take time and precision. What has surprised me about the role is how much interaction I had with others as I expected to just be sent a clip and then say I’d done it.

The reality was that I was given check-ins through Teams, I was given the YouTube captioning role on top of my transcribing role and I’ve learnt so much about so many things just by typing what people say. I was also surprised at the lengths the hospice go to help people with life limiting illness and the amount of facilities they offer. Their kindness and generosity was shown from day one and I’ve received so much support overall.

To anyone considering volunteering at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, know that you’ll be working with the most generous, understanding and supportive people who’ll listen to your needs and adapt accordingly. There’s so much communication that it makes things so easy if you want a break or are keen to take on more. You’ll also gain so much experience and in my role, I can do it from home and know that I’m contributing to something highly worthy. I’ve no hesitation recommending that you volunteer here, no matter what role it may be. We can all do our bit and it really makes such a difference.

Amber smiling in garden at home