Flower Volunteer

Margaret Pearce Higgins

I have supported Arthur Rank since the beginning; I became a District Nursing Sister and concentrated on end of life care and supporting family carers. When I retired in 2012 I decided to volunteer.

I chose flower arranging as when I trained as a nurse we learnt flower arranging!  I love doing it.  My volunteering is flexible and adaptable and I live in Cambridge and can easily respond to a request to do the flowers. The flowers give pleasure to everyone who comes to the Hospice; patients, families and staff. I enjoy people talking to me about them and feel that I am still the nurse that I always was.

There are so many roles you can volunteer at the Hospice. We always need volunteers and there is no better time to become one.  It is so worthwhile to make a difference in our own community.

Margaret_Volunteer flower Arranger at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity