Bistro Volunteer

Jo Stinton

I have been volunteering for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity for almost 2 years, it is something quite different to how I have spent my working life. It has changed my perception on how to treat people working in an active customer services role.

I am a great people watcher and have come to understand the term the customer is always right!

I can really only help out on Wednesdays. Monday I work Tuesday and Thursday I do childcare for my grandson, Friday is chores and weekend is family and leisure.

I volunteer in the Bistro. It is a very successful café within the Hospice. You get to know the Hospice community and can experience their dedication first hand.

Since working in the NHS for over 12 years in an administrative job I came to understand the dedication of our health workers and always pledged to work voluntarily for them when I could afford to. After a spell of ill health and very frequent visits to Addenbrookes I decided once I was better I would join the volunteers there. However just about then the brand new Hospice opened, I had known about the old building through my father who also worked in the NHS as a senior administrator and who was involved with the people who staffed the old site. It seemed better for me to work there if they were looking for help as it was easier to get to and easier to park.

My service hasn’t been continuous due to various Heath problems but hope to be able to keep helping when I can.

It has surprised me how many different types of people there are and I earned a food hygiene certificate ( in the course of training).

It is an honor to know that the funds raised by the Bistro with the help of volunteers goes towards the most valuable service in our lives. Taking care of us in our final hours and supporting our loved ones. I have known and lost several friends who had the care of the teams at Arthur Rank Hospice and I couldn’t be prouder of any organisation.

Lady volunteer standing in Bistro wearing a green apron and smiling