Caring Communities Volunteer

Claire Thompson

My name is Claire, I’m also the Wellbeing Coordinator at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.

I lead mindfulness retreats in nature and I am currently training as an Integrative Psychotherapist in London. I have always been curious about the human experience -and how we all find different ways to find meaning in our lives.

I am also passionate about people feeling individually seen, heard and accompanied through both good and challenging times.

How long have you volunteered with the Charity? 

I have volunteered with Arthur Rank Hospice Charity for two months (since March 2023).

What do you enjoy about your role?

In my role as a Caring Communities volunteer, I undertake weekly home visits to patients currently under hospice care, over the course of eight weeks at a time. The visits aim to offer the patients supportive listening and companionship.

During some visits, I just listen, other times we chat about what we’ve done that week and other times, we just have a laugh together. It really depends on what the patient’s needs are on the day.

What I love the most about the role is the opportunity to offer my time in a way that feels very meaningful to me. It feels like a privilege to have the opportunity to accompany people who are facing the end of their life.

I often leave my weekly visits feeling inspired and humbled by the conversation. I personally receive a lot from listening to patients and how they are finding meaning in what is happening to them. In return, I hope I can offer them the attention, space, time and listening to support them through whatever they are going through in whatever way works best for them.

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