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How do I apply?

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Please find below information on how to apply online and further details on the application process as a whole. Remember, if you have any questions you can pop us an email at or call us on 01223 67872.

Our volunteer recruitment process includes the following stages:
(Please note the process for shop assistant applicants can be found at the end of this page)

Step 1 - Volunteer Application form

1 Please click on this LINK to complete an online application form, this will takes you to the Better Impact page to complete the volunteer application form. 

2 If you don’t have a Better Impact account, please create an account on left hand side. You will be redirected to the Arthur Rank Hospice application form.

3 If you already have a Better Impact account, please go ahead and log in on right hand side. You will be redirected to the Arthur Rank Hospice application form.

4 Once signed in, complete all the sections with your most current information

5 Click "Submit Application" on the lower right hand side 

Step 2 - Interview

Once we have received your application we will invite you to attend an informal interview, this will usually be with the Voluntary Services Recruitment and Training Coordinator or in some cases it may be with the team lead for the role you have applied for, for example the Bereavement Support team or the shop Manager. This is a great opportunity to meet one another and share some of your skills and hobbies with us as well as to explore the role and what will be expected in a little more depth. If relevant we will also ask you to bring ID to your interview to allow us to undertake a DBS check.
Step 3 - References and DBS

At this stage we will contact both the referees you have provided on your application form and will also submit the ID you provided to DBS so they may run a check for any criminal convictions.

Step 4 - Online training
As part of the recruitment process you are required to complete some mandatory online training which will provide you with information around volunteering in this setting. We will send you the details of this over email and you can complete it at a time to suit you, this can be accessed from anywhere.

Step 5 - Induction Session (usually every other month)
This session gives you an introduction to volunteer activity at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. There will also be sessions delivered by members of staff to help you prepare for what you may encounter in a hospice environment. These sessions are informative and friendly and usually last around 2 hours.
Step 6 - Shadowing with Volunteers
This is the very last stage before you start volunteering with us! Before starting you will complete two separate shadows with volunteers who are already doing your role. This is a great way to learn more about what you will be doing and make some new volunteer friends! Once you are comfortable handling the role alone, then you will be ready to start volunteering on your own.

You're ready to go! Volunteering in a Hospice is a unique experience and by this point you will feel confident to step into your role equipped with all you have learnt.

*Shop Volunteer Applications:

Once we have received your application form we will send off for your references, this allows your referees time to complete their references whilst we arrange an interview with you and ensures the application process is streamlined. You will be invited to attend an interview either at the shop or at the Hospice depending on convenience and availability. If your interview is successful and we have received your reference you can begin straight away! Your first shift will involve an induction with the shop Manager who will teach you more about the role and the shop itself.

For those aged 16 and in compulsory education you will need a child employment permit from the council, we will give you the application form at your interview and explain how this works, if you have any questions around this please do get in touch!