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Corporate Overview

Your support, aids our support


The Arthur Rank Hospice Charity relishes the opportunity to work with companies from the local and wider community. The involvement can take a variety of forms and enable us to engage with, inform and more importantly, share information with businesses in our county.

Without the support of the local businesses and organisations many of the services available at the Hospice would cease to exist or be impossible to provide. As the only adult hospice in Cambridgeshire our work is likely to touch those close to you and we would be delighted if you would consider some of the opportunities to work with us. Financial commitment is greatly appreciated (such as donations or the purchase of e-cards), however support in other ways to help us save money is also extremely beneficial. If you are able to help by offering a complimentary service or providing a piece of equipment at no cost we welcome these proposals.

If you are interested in working closely with the Charity many rewards can be reaped by your organisation such as:

A tailored programme of fundraising events which could include challenges such as the London Marathon as team building ideas! 

You could be eligible for a CAF Companies and Communities Award. For information such as

Sponsorship opportunities – we can match you with events which attract your target audience

For full details on how you can offer your support please click here

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Why not live a live-long dream, or just do something you love whilst supporting us?...

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