Gifts that can sustain our future

Individual philanthropists and grant-making trusts and foundations play a pivotal role in ensuring that our dedicated, specialist and compassionate support and services will be available to those that need it across the county, free of charge, forever.

nurse smiling into the camera

We work with and collaborate with individuals and grant giving organisations to fund both existing services and new innovative projects that will advance the care we are able provide to our community.  

In the last 18 months we have received funding to:  

  • Enable choice at the end of someone’s life through our Hospice at Home daytime service  
  • Care for more people in their own homes through our Hospice at Home service  
  • Extend and expand our support to existing patients through our Caring Communities project and Arthur’s Shed project 
  • Implement improvements across our IPU IT system through our Workstation on Wheels project 

If you are an individual seeking more information about our work, fundraising ambitions and aspirations please contact Donna Talbot, Director of Fundraising, on 01223 675887 or 

If you are a grant giving organisation or have links to one, please contact Donna Talbot, Director of Fundraising and Communications, on 01223 675887 or who will be happy to discuss our existing and future projects and ideas.