Making a referral

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity provides palliative care to people with advanced life-limiting illnesses who have complex needs that cannot be addressed or resolved by generalist services.

Please complete all sections in the referral forms in full. If you do not we may not be able to accept your referral. Patients cannot self-refer (with the exception of Bereavement Support). 

Nurse answering call in Arthur Rank Community Team's office

When should I consider a referral to the Hospice’s services

Anyone living with a life shortening or advanced chronic disease can be referred. Patients eligible to access our specialist services will have an actively deteriorating condition and/or escalating complex needs.

This can be at any time based on the persons’ needs. Please refer based on the person’s current identified needs.

In our experience referrals for an ‘introduction to the service’ or for general ‘support in the future’ are often declined by the person referred because there is nothing we can assist with at that point.

Illness-specific triggers for considering referral and assessment of needs are when the person:

  • is on maximal disease modifying treatment or is on active treatment, including palliative cancer therapies. The patient identifies a need that would improve their quality of life. Refer to Living Well Service below, or specific services (eg. lymphoedema).
  • experiences a change in their focus of care (eg. at the end of active treatment) AND there are ongoing symptoms, needs or concerns. Refer to our Specialist Palliative Care Home Team for an initial holistic assessment.
  • is recognised to be approaching end of life (last days, weeks or months) and experiencing complex symptoms or needs that would benefit from support, in addition to primary care involvement. Refer to our Specialist Palliative Care Home Team or our Inpatient Unit.
  • is recognised to be approaching the last days of life and requires extra hands-on care overnight. Refer to our Hospice at Home service.


Bereavement Support 

Please download this form.

Community Specialist Palliative Care Team 

Please download this form. 

Hospice at Home 

Please see the Hospice at Home webpage.

Inpatient Unit  

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Living Well Service

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Lymphoedema Service

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Young People Transitional Service

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Urgent referrals

Our Central Referrals Team work between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. It can take up to three days for referrals to be processed.

If the referral is URGENT because the patient needs a same day response, telephone 01223 675800 (please do not leave a message). 

Which service area?

Community - Specialist Palliative Care Home Teams (SPCHT)

Cambridge City, South and East Cambridgeshire (Tel: 01223 675830)

  • For advice, out-patient, domiciliary, on-line, telephone appointments
  • Initial telephone triage by a Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Refer for complex needs that require specialist holistic assessment and input. Nurse prescribers and doctors in the team prescribe and support but DO NOT replace the role of the GP or DN
  • Operates 5 days a week from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Weekend emergencies only 9.00am to 5.00pm

Wisbech (Tel: 01945 669620)

  • Small team covering 4 GP surgeries 
  • Operates 4 days a week 8.30am to 4.30pm 

Information for patients

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity (Tel: 01223 675900)

Specialist Beds:

  • For complex needs at any stage of life requiring medical and multi-disciplinary input
  • Short stay (weeks)
  • Same or next day admissions 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays
  • Can accommodate some intravenous therapies, NIV, tracheostomy care, PEGs, piped oxygen, high flow nasal oxygen
  • No respite, blood transfusions, interim or step-down beds.
  • Patients must have had a face-to-face assessment by a GP, registrar/consultant, or CNS on the day of referral to exclude acute medical problems requiring hospital care
  • District nurses, paramedics, Hospice at Home, other community nurse or ward nurses may initiate a referral, but medical review is essential before the referral can proceed
  • Out of area patients accepted only with agreed funding

Information for patients

  • For complex pain due to a palliative condition in patients eligible for other Arthur Rank Hospice Charity services
  • Patients already under, or who have declined other pain services are unlikely to benefit
  • Separate to CUH pain and MSK (musculo skeletal) services
  • Mostly internal referrals but external referrals for patients will be considered only after discussion with Dr Petersen to ensure eligibility

Information for patients

  • Refer for complex symptoms, advance care planning, second opinion, advice, or access to PMG

Information about the medical team

  • Support with complex spiritual or psychological needs of patient  
  • Internal referrals for psychological and/or spiritual support for family or friends of a patient who is receiving care from Arthur Rank Hospice Charity services
  • Self-referrals for bereaved relatives or friends of someone who has previously received Arthur Rank Hospice care prior to death
  • Please note: some bereavement referrals may be directed to services nearer to the individuals place of residence if their address is not in the locality of the Hospice in Cambridge

Information for patients

  • For support with complex needs or specialist specific goals
  • Offers a non-pharmacological approach for symptom management, such as fatigue, anxiety, breathlessness, pain, sleep hygiene, and can provide coping strategies to enable patients to self-manage at home

Information for patients

  • For patients already under the care of Arthur Rank Hospice Charity services, to offer support in a holistic capacity for symptom and/or psychological needs – using touch through different forms of massage therapy, including aromatherapy
  • Carer or relative support to aid the effects of stress and anxiety of caring for a loved one
  • Can also be offered as extra support after bereavement
  • Both domiciliary and outpatient appointments, as appropriate
  • For external referrals in Wisbech and Fenland, please call to discuss on 01945 669620

Information for patients

  • Based in the Bradbury Wellness Centre at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity (for queries, tel: 01223 675765)
  • Cambridge City, South and East GP (including some Royston GPs)
  • Assess and treat chronic and cancer related lymphoedema
  • For wet legs/ wounds & chronic oedema, follow CPFT wet leg pathway or discuss with tissue viability service
  • Can advise regarding toes or thighs whilst legs are bandaged and help to arrange compression once dry
  • Can treat paediatric lymphoedema after assessment by a specialist service and funding approved (please enquire)
  • Lipoedema patients – assessment and advice only

Information for patients

  • Multiple ways to self-manage and access peer and professional support. Programmes include, advance care planning, symptom management, fatigue, anxiety and breathlessness management exercise, complementary therapy and spiritual support, tailored to needs
  • All medical care remains with the patients’ GP and hospital teams
  • For further information: Cambridge team, tel: 01223 675820 or Wisbech and Fenland, tel: 01945 669620

Information for patients

  • Support, advocacy, and signposting for young people with life limiting and complex illnesses from aged 18 years, as the young person adjusts to adult services for healthcare, social care, education and employment
  • Referrals can be made after 16th birthday for transition planning alongside paediatric services, but care at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity will commence at 18 years
  • For further advice and information please email

Information for patients

  • Please call to discuss, tel:01945 669620
  • The team can administer blood transfusions and intravenous therapies and support central line care

Information for patients