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Advance Care Planning

and Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC)


When people want to plan ahead for their future care it is important to ensure that they have the correct information.

Discussing the treatment options with a healthcare professional experienced in the management of their condition(s) and end of life care enables them to make informed choices.

Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC)

Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) is a nationally developed 'advance care plan.' We are implementing the initiative locally to enable discussion and documentation about the care an individual would wish to receive at the end of life.

This document is also appropriate for those who have a long term condition and wish to plan their future care. The PPC planning document and patient information leaflet are both available below:

Preferred Priorities for Care Patient Information Leaflet - November 2016_November 2016

Preferred Priorities for Care Planning Document 13 04 16