Occupational Therapists demonstrate how a small change can have a big impact at Arthur Rank Hospice

  • 4 November 2019

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As part of Occupational Therapy week this week, Arthur Rank Hospice are show-casing how small changes can have a big impact for patients. During the national awareness week organised by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, teams across the country are taking the opportunity to put their sometimes over-looked role into the lime-light. The Hospice’s Occupational Therapy (OT) team have put together a display in the Hospice’s public Bistro, explaining what Occupational Therapy is and how it can make positive differences to people’s lives. Each day of this week, the Hospice will also be sharing examples of the measures the Occupational Therapy team can put in place on social media. The week’s theme is ‘Small Change, Big Impact’. Jill Fairchild, Specialist Palliative Care OT comments:“We have a small team of three Occupational Therapists here at the Hospice and we work with patients not only in Day Therapy and on the Inpatient Unit but also with the Arthur Rank Community Team, which sees us visiting people in their homes across Cambridgeshire. Different things matter to different people, so our aim is to work out what is most important to them as individuals and put practical measures in place to help them support their goals. Occupational Therapy Week is a great opportunity for us to show-case some of these changes, which might only be small, but can have a huge impact for someone’s everyday life.”Gary Mitchley has been attending the six-week Help to Overcome Problems Effectively (HOPE) programme run by our occupational therapists and says:“Creating small goals with the OT team makes me feel invigorated and gives me a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction. I am the only one who attended this particular group with my specific diagnosis. I feel that others now have a greater understanding of my situation and I in return have an appreciation of theirs.”“Without the support from the OT team at Arthur Rank Hospice I think I would be demotivated and would be tempted to sit on the sofa and feel sorry for myself. I think it is important to recognise your achievements and give yourself a little reward, whether that’s a small piece of chocolate or having a coffee with a loved one, whatever is important to you.” Keep an eye out as the week progresses and we share photos, videos and stories of how our OT team support our patients in small but practical ways… the changes they make may have much more impact than you had previously realised! If you’ve been helped by our OT Team and would like to give your feedback as part of Occupational Therapy Week 2019, you can either email us at dawn.easby@arhc.org.uk or share your thoughts on social media using #SmallChangeBigImpactand #OTWeek2019 (remember to tag us in your post, so we can see it and share!). and… ICYMI (in case you missed it), during the week…On Wednesday Cat, one of our Occupational Therapists, took some time out of her busy day to show us how something very small and simple can make a big impact. She is using a small piece of a equipment called a HandyBar. This simple, lightweight bar provides strong, secure assistance to patients whose condition can make it difficult to get in or our of vehicles. It fits most cars, can be stored in a car door or even a handbag but can make such a big impact for a patient who may suffer from anxiety before needing to travel. Just another example of our Occupational Therapy can give someone back their independence while providing piece of mind! Another example of #SmallChangeBigImpact for #OTWeek2019 At the end of the Occupational Therapy week Beth, one of our OT’s on our Inpatient Unit, gave a brief explanation of some new buzzers the team recently implemented. These two types of easy touch buzzers make it easier for patients with mobility issues to call a member of the medical team, consequently reducing the anxiety levels of both the patient and their family. Watch below to hear Beth give more of an explanation about the buzzers:   Currently we only have a handful of these buttons available to patients depending on when the OT Team have the budget to buy them but the team would really like some more. If you would like to help us purchase some more buttons please do contact the Hospice on 01223 675777 – your donation would be greatly appreciated.