Living Well poems

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We recently asked patients, carers and colleagues to use poetry, art and photography to describe their experience of our Living Well Services.

The wife and sister-in-law of one of our patients subsequently penned these beautiful poems, which they have given permission for us to share with you. We think they really capture what the service is all about.

Living Well

by Bronwen Percival

Bronwen and her husband Dave

I need to feel safe,

I need to feel safe and secure.

I need to live what life I have left

Happily and meaningfully,

Without my terminal diagnosis hanging like a black cloud

Over me.


I need comfort.

I need comfort and support.

I need to talk and be listened to

By someone who understands my fears and hopelessness

And dread for what lies ahead.


I don’t need pity.

I need to feel valued and useful.

I need to concentrate on what I can do

Not what I can’t do.

I need to feel and acknowledge my emotions

And not bury them inside of me.


I need peace of mind.

I need peace of mind and some good practical advice.

There are a mountain of things going round in my head

That need sorting.


Will, Power of Attorney, funeral wishes, end of life preferences,

And I just need to get these sorted,

Put them to the back of my mind

And then I can get on with living.


So many needs,

So little time.

So little energy and motivation

To tackle this all on my own.

Who can help me?


The team at Arthur Rank!


I now feel safe and secure

I have comfort and support

I can talk and be listened to by people who understand

I feel valued and useful

I can cope with my emotions

I have peace of mind

I am not dying

I am Living Well.


What is the Meaning of ‘Living Well?’

by Karen Powell

Karen, Dave's sister-in-law




Hearing and sharing.

Unburdening my fears.

Reflecting on my life.



And sympathetic


Knowing I am in safe hands.