Jack shares his Living Well experience

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Male holding a small canvas, sitting in a chair

Jack attends the Living Well Service sessions and shared:

“I do art as a hobby, it is really good therapy for me. I have painted portraits of peoples dogs. Instead of paying me they paid the Hospice [Charity].”

He pointed to his canvas that he painted for the canvas feedback project and explained:

“That’s the Hospice with the doors open – as a welcoming face. At the Living Well Service it is absolutely brilliant. I like the people, we can support each other and laugh together. You can get help here too. They have helped me with practical things – like putting the bills in my wife’s name so she can access the accounts. This give’s me peace of mind for when I am not here.”

Jack shared more about his thoughts and experiences:

Canvas painting of a house
The Canvas Jack painted for the Hospice

“There are no positives in dying when you don’t want to die but there are positives in knowing you are going to die. It has changed my outlook – you notice the things you are grateful for. I have a Wife, two children and five Grandchildren. One of my Grandson’s got married recently and I was pleased I could attend – even though I got Covid!

There is nothing more important than being with my family – other than that nothing matters.”

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