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We are adapting and evolving to keep pace with the changes in retail and trend towards online shopping.

Complementing our well-loved high street shops, we have charity account on eBay, as well as offering Arthur Rank Hospice Charity merchandise in our online shop.

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Often supporters ask us if they can buy something for the Charity. You can donate from our home page but if you would like to buy something to support our Charity you can find a wishlist of things which will be most beneficial to us HERE.  Thank you. 


We want to give donors the confidence that we will realise the maximum potential of every donated item we receive. We understand that the market reached by our high street charity shops is limited and are not always best suited for the sale of certain rare or unique items.

As a charity we have embraced the trend towards online shopping and use the opportunity of being able to reach a large and varied market to advertise our unique and high quality donations on eBay.



Find contact details for each individual shop via our Visit our shops page.

Alternatively you can get in touch by filling out the form on our  Contact Us page

Shops team behind the counter at our Mill Road charity shop

Joan Smyth, Head of Retail

“As a charity we are incredibly lucky to receive many generous donations, including offers of rare and unique items.  Our aim is to realise the maximum potential for every donation to enable us to raise maximum funds to support our vital Hospice services. Therefore, we recognise the importance of our retail staff having access to a variety of outlets for the donations they receive.”