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The Memory Tree

Dedicate a leaf to someone special


The Memory Tree

An especially beautiful way to pay tribute to someone special.

Dedicating a leaf on our Memory Tree is a wonderful way to remember someone special.  Each leaf is engraved with the name of the person you would like to remember.  It is a positive way to remember a loved one, giving you something distinctive in a place that makes every effort to bring much comfort to those we care for.  Your dedication will, in turn, provide others with the individualised care and support we provide.

The Tree is situated in our Main Reception, close to our peaceful Sanctuary, for you to visit at any time. Your leaf will appear on the Tree for a minimum of twelve months, starting from the date your leaf is displayed. 

Bernie and her family had a leaf engraved in memory of Alan -  "We chose to dedicate a leaf to Alan because this is a permanent tribute to him. We can’t buy Birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day presents for him anymore so the money we would spend on him goes towards the cost of the leaf. We will always be grateful for the wonderful care Alan received at the hospice during the last two weeks of his life so I am pleased the money from the memory tree will help somebody else in a similar situation."


Dedicate a leaf

To dedicate a leaf you can set up a direct debit for the 12 month period:
A bronze leaf is £10 per month.
A silver leaf is £15 per month.
A gold leaf is £25 per month.

Dedicate your bronze, silver, or gold leaf HERE.

If you have any queries, or would like to dedicate a leaf through another method such as cash, cheque, card or standing order please call Chloe on 01223 675893 or email Chloe Laurance.

You may also like this to form part of a Tribute Fund, which is set up in the name of the person who you are remembering.  This can be set up on-line in a few simple steps.  Click here to find out more about our Forever Loved Tribute Funds


Terms and Conditions

  1. Each leaf is limited to up to 40 characters, including spaces, apostrophes etc. 
  2. Leaves will be engraved with the name of one person.  Unfortunately we cannot accept multiple names or messages.
  3. There is a limited number of leaves available on the Memory Tree.  In the event that the tree is full at the time your form is received, your leaf will be added when the next space becomes available.  You will be notified in this event.
  4. The names will be engraved as it appears on the dedication form.  We ask for your contact details in case we are uncertain of any spelling (hand written forms only).
  5. Towards the end of the dedication period, you will be contacted by Arthur Rank Hospice and offered to renew the leaf for a further twelve month period.  If you do not wish to renew your dedication, your leaf will be returned to you to keep.  The period begins when your leaf is first displayed.
  6. In exceptional circumstances, Arthur Rank Hospice reserves the right to move or relocate the Memory Tree to another appropriate site within the Hospice premises.
  7. Any personal information you share with us will be stored in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.  We will not share personal information with third parties.
  8. It is important to us that we can contact you with regards to your dedication, however we would also like to stay in touch to let you know how your support makes a difference and other ways you can get involved. We shall ask how you would like us to communicate with you, if you are agreeable.