Six Kindle tablets fired up and ready to go, thanks to Cambridgeshire Public Libraries!

  • 15 October 2019

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Patients and their visitors will now be able to read e-books, listen to audio books, and access newspapers and magazines from around the world thanks to a generous long-term loan of six Kindle Fire’s, from Cambridgeshire Public Libraries. Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s librarian Debbie Hagon met with Faye Boans (Area Volunteer Coordinator for City, South and East Cambridgeshire) from Cambridgeshire Public Libraries last year.  The two discussed how the Hospice could make the most of its institutional membership by partnering with them in ways which will benefit the people we care for and support. Debbie comments: “We are delighted that Cambridgeshire Public Libraries have lent us these Kindle Fires, which will allow our patients and their visitors to access their favourite books, newspapers and magazines. Reading can be great therapy: many of us know how reading a book or magazine can help us to switch off and relax.  The Kindles are pre-loaded with audio books, e-books, international magazines, newspapers and resources for children – there’s something to suit every interest and age group. They will be on short-term loan to patients and their visitors on the Inpatient Unit ward, and to Day Therapy out-patients, allowing as many people as possible to take advantage of this lovely opportunity.” Thanks to their international accessibility, the Kindles can also link to magazines from around the world, enabling those who speak no or limited English to access reading material in their native language. Another Cambridgeshire Public Libraries’ scheme now benefiting Day Therapy outpatients and those being cared for in their own homes, is the ‘Library at Home service’.  The service provides a monthly visit to patients, with a volunteer bringing them books and/or audio books tailored to their preferences. The volunteer has time for a chat, can bring health literature and can even resupply batteries for NHS hearing aids.  Our Day Therapy service has leaflets available explaining about the service or click HERE for further information.If you are currently a patient, or visiting a patient, and would like to find out about borrowing a Kindle while spending time in the Hospice, please speak to one of your nurses, healthcare assistants or doctors. Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s Library is accessible to healthcare professionals looking for specialist articles or medical journals on palliative care: to access these, please contact or call 01223 675782.