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Our Hospice at Home team

Meet the people behind the service...

14 May 2019

Amanda – Healthcare Assistant

" In the nine hour period we spend in a home overnight, we are able to form a detailed picture of the patient and their needs."...

14 May 2019

Sarah - Clinical Nurse Specialist

"A lot of our work is over the phone and that contact is so important. Families know that we’re only a phone call away."...

14 May 2019

Ann - On-call Nurse

"As the On-call Nurse, you know that when you go out, you can improve things."...

14 May 2019

Chris - Administrator

"I aim to try and make life as easy as I can for the team."...

14 May 2019

Lorraine - Matron

"It’s really important to patients and families that we engage with them at a human level."...

14 May 2019

Kate - Complementary Therapist

"Sometimes it is just the sense of touch and communicating in that way, which can make a real difference"...

14 May 2019

Keith - Chaplain

"Spirituality lies at the heart of who we are and, often, we will end up talking about the bigger questions in life."...

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