Special Appeals

Appeals are launched when we realise there is a specific or  urgent need, that will not otherwise be able to be funded through our fundraising activities this year. 

We are so grateful for your support, which enables us to remain agile and deliver care and support where, when and how it is most needed. 

Doctor Jenny wearing burgundy scrubs and a facemask on the Inpatient Unit

Our current appeals:

Inpatient Unit team in scrubs during coronavirus

SOS Appeal

The pandemic has already had a devastating impact on our ability to fundraise to sustain our vital services this year. We need to ensure that we can carry on delivering essential care and services now, whilst also ensuring that services remain sustainable into the future. 

Hospice at Home nurse comforts patient in their own home

Help Us Be There

Hospice at Home provides vital end of life care, day and night, to patients in their own homes. Due to limited funding, the team is unable to provide care to one in three people referred to them, whose choice it is to remain at home.