Tracey, Ward Sister

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Nurse IPU Tracey Barnett

Where and when do you work?

I work on the In-patient Unit and I do all different shifts; long days, short days and nights according to the need of the Unit

What has surprised you about what how you and/or your team have adapted since the pandemic hit?

The amazing team here on the Unit have adapted to the constant changing needs of the Unit, such as the increase in patient numbers, PPE wearing, and the changing of visitors rules. We have had many of the team changing shifts to ensure everyone in the Unit is safe.

What motivated you to become a nurse? 

Strangely enough it was another pandemic; the Aids pandemic in the 1980’s. I just wanted to learn more and care for those who were going through it.

How long have you been a nurse?

32 years

In which areas of nursing have you had experience?

I trained at Guys Hospital in London and then worked on the HIV/Aids Unit. I’ve worked in ENT surgery, Palliative Care, Oncology and Hematology Units, as a Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist, a Community Nurse Specialist and now back to a Ward Sister In-patient Unit.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I feel privileged to be working with an amazing team and to be caring for our patients and relatives during such difficult times. I love supporting staff too and ensuring their wellbeing, as well as the patients and families.

How has nursing changed during your career?

Now having to jump through hoops to get things done as there are so many processes. There have been many improvements in patient care though, with more information given about treatments, having relatives and family being involved in care too and the patient being treated as a whole person.

Looking back, what advice would give yourself as a student nurse? 

Follow your heart and if an opportunity arises, go for it, as it has come up for a reason!

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