Sarah encourages you to sign up for a exhilarating and unique challenge

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3 images one of fire and 2 of female walking on coals

In January 2022 Sarah Clayton, Community Fundraiser at Arthur Rank Hospice noticed an opportunity that caught her attention—an exhilarating and unique challenge – A Firewalk that sparked a sense of curiosity, inspiration, and determination.

In March 2022, Sarah participated in the Firewalk, not only to challenge herself but also to raise funds for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity – a special place in Sarah’s heart, as she had witnessed first-hand the incredible care and support they provide to individuals and their families during challenging times.

Sarah’s decision wasn’t solely driven by her commitment to the cause. The Firewalk was also an item she had longed to cross off her bucket list – conquering her fears and walking barefoot across a bed of hot embers!

Sarah commented:

“The team from Success Formulae made the whole experience exhilarating. A group of us attended a seminar before the walk to prepare us mentally and physically for the challenge. They built our self esteem and belief in our abilities (and made us feel invincible) before heading on to the heat. It was a huge confidence boost that stayed with me.

My friends and family attended to cheer me on which was incredible – my son even checked the bottoms of my feet to see if they were smoking!” 

Sarah continued:

“I hope people see the Firewalk not just as a physical and mental challenge and an extraordinary experience but as a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Registration is £35.00 (with the Early Bird Offer until 1 September 2023) and we ask Firewalkers to commit to raise £150.00 in sponsorship.

Feeling inspired by Sarah’s story?  Register now to take part in the Firewalk by visiting or by calling 01223 675888.