Ron shares his Living Well experience

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Male sitting in a chair holding a small canvas, smiling at the camera

Ron attends the Living Well Service and took part in the canvas feedback project.

Ron explained that he enjoys painting as a hobby and usually paints landscapes. He shared more about his creation for the project:

“The thinking behind this was that the two birds are talking to each other and giving each other comfort and support – which is what we’re all about here: talking, listening and you can get help. I’ve seen similar things with a couple of rabbits. It’s just one chatting to the other one and giving advice if you like.

Canvas painting of a 2 birds
The Canvas Ron painted for the Hospice

This is my fourth time to this course so I’ve been coming quite a lot. Before I came, I’d heard a lot about the Hospice: all good. So, I was very happy to come here – and it is good. You know, I look forward to it, it’s such a nice way of spending half a day. It’s just relaxing and takes your cares away, because of my condition I suffer a lot with anxiety, and I find it helps here – they have taught me about relaxation.

They’re such lovely people here. It’s where Jack [another patient] and I met. We can laugh together. We’ve both got similar problems so we just laugh about them and understand each other, you know.”

The Charity also has a range of Supportive Wellbeing videos, which available to anyone, via our website: These include a guide to relation and supporting anxiety. 

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