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Hospice at Home

Caring in a familiar environment


The Hospice is proud to offer a Hospice at Home service. This compassionate and experienced team of nurses and healthcare assistants remain with someone who is dying in their own home overnight, providing direct hands-on care and support between the hours of 10pm and 7am.  

This team works in partnership with the wider health system, particularly District Nurses and GPs, the wider hospice team and other specialists, to support patients and families to be cared for at home if that is their wish. It is our intention to grow the service further to provide this service in the day time as well.

Including clinical nurse specialists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, complementary therapists and care nurses, the care and support may include washing, turning and administering prescribed medicines to patients, offering psychological support, arranging complementary therapists appointments or a chaplain to visit all as well as providing pre- and post bereavement support for the whole family or care network. 

Patients are referred into the Hospice at Home team by a variety of health care professionals, including the Hospice's Specialist Palliative Care Home Team, District Nurses, local GPs and local hospitals. 

Our Hospice at Home service cares for up to 50 patients a month typically in their last two weeks of life and covers the whole of Cambridgeshire. Research shows that most people would prefer to die at home providing that they feel safe and their symptoms are well managed. 

"Kate’s wish was to spend the last days of her life at home.  The Hospice at Home nurses imbued confidence in the ability we had to cope and they instilled a sense of security and inner peace in their patient Kate.  Their guidance we believe, allowed Kate to leave as she wished, privately, at peace in her own home, knowing she was loved and would be very much missed.  Not alone, but surrounded by the love and affection of those that cared for her."
Janine, whose family was supported by Hospice at Home.