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Give as you earn

An easy way to regularly support our work


Give as You Earn is an easy way make regular donations direct from your salary. Your Payroll Department will be able to help set up the deductions direct from your salary. 

Tax benefits

Having donations taken directly from your pre-tax salary means money that would normally go to the taxman goes to charity instead. You benefit because you don't pay any tax on the donations you make. For more details, click the logo above, then click on the 'Employees' link in the left hand column.

Benefits to your organisation

Earn yourself a Quality Mark Award. This rewards employers for fostering a culture of committed giving in the workplace by actively promoting Payroll Giving. 

Have the chance to win a Companies and Communities Award. These are the prestigious awards for companies working closely with their communities to make a positive social impact. The awards recognise the innovation and best practice being driven by companies of all sizes across the UK.

Benefits to Arthur Rank Hospice

Donations are deducted before tax is calculated, making it one of the most tax-efficient ways of giving to the Hospice. The money we receive will also enable us to plan for the future.

To find out more, contact us on 01223 675888 or email


How your donations help

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  £50 covers the monthly cost of creative therapy sessions

  £60 funds post bereavement support for relatives and carers

YOU can make a REAL difference!



One-off Regular Payment