Using Syringe Pumps

  • Arthur Rank Hospice
  • 12 May 2025
  • 11:00 - 13:00

This training is for registered nurses who are based in health care organisations including hospitals, hospice, care and nursing homes who use syringe pumps in practice. 

During the training you will:

  • Consider communication, Priorities for Care and care plans 
  • Discuss the indications for using a syringe pump when working with palliative care patients 
  • Gain practical knowledge of setting up of a syringe pump, site placement and equipment 
  • Have an opportunity to practise using a syringe pump 
  • Understand the different types of drugs used in syringe pumps for palliative patients 
  • Explore how to safely monitor the syringe pump infusion 
  • Consider potential problems that can occur when using syringe pumps 

Competency needs to be demonstrated in a clinical setting. Nurses will need to be observed in their place of work by a person qualified to certify in that environment. 

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Diverse group of students at a table, being taught in the Hospice's Education & Conference Centre