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Charity of the Year: Community Groups

Help us fund our vital care


Choose ARHC as your Charity of the Month/Year

Lots of organisations such as sports and social groups are discovering the fun and benefits of supporting a charity.  We make no demands on those who select us and will fully support your initiatives throughout your specified period of support. All we ask is to be kept up to date with all of your proposed ideas so we can help to support you to successfully achieve your objectives and support the charity to the best of your abilities.


Currently we are very lucky to be the chosen charity for:

  •        NHS Retirement Fellowship
  •       Fenland Fives
  •      Abingdon Social Club

If you would like to gain a greater understanding of the Charity before committing to choosing us as you charity of the year/month, we would be able to arrange the following:

A presentation to your group/organisation - A representative from the Charity would be delighted to offer a brief introduction about our organisation to highlight the work which is carried out and the ways in which you could play a part. 

A site visit of the Hospice – Sometimes personally visiting the Hospice can help your group to understand what services are offered and how choosing us as Charity of the Year can make such a difference.

Supporting information – We would be delighted to send our literature pack which offers further information about the Charity and answers many of the questions about the work we do.


If you are interested in choosing us as your charity of the year or you have already chosen us and would like to let us know please get in touch with our community fundraisers on 01223 675888 or email

If you are a corporate supporter and you are interested in how your business could support the hospice either by way of Charity of the year or other means, then our corporate fundraiser Emma Bray would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact her on 01223 675882 or email Alternatively, more information can be found HERE