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Lymphoedema service

promoting best management


Our lymphoedema service provides treatment in the Bradbury Wellness Centre, for those with both primary and secondary lymphoedema. The emphasis is on best management of the affected area and encouraging the patient to take on-going control of their oedema.

Some patients require an initial two-to-three-week programme of short stretch bandaging or compression wraps and manual lymphatic drainage. All patients are given advice and supporting literature with guidance about how to manage their condition and avoid the risk of infection. 

Management may include compression hosiery, exercise, self-lymphatic drainage, skin care, kinesio tape , low level light therapy or the use of a compression pump. Once a patient’s lymphoedema is managed and stable, they are discharged to self-manage in the community. 

We also run a lymphoedema support group,  for those recently diagnosed or newly discharged from clinic. This involves six sessions a year and provides education on all aspects of lymphoedema management and feedback on latest developments in lymphoedema care from the annual BLS conference.

Our clinical specialists have recently updated their Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training and now practise Fluroscopy Guided MLD.

In addition, the clinical specialists in lymphoedema continue to provide education sessions for healthcare professionals on lymphoedema management and work closely with the oncology teams at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to facilitate referrals to the service.