Siblings run Half Marathon for Mum

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3 Females and 1 male holding a large cheque

Judy Purse, who died on 1 March 2022, was cared for in the Inpatient Unit at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. She was described by her children as ‘Our beautiful, brave and selfless Mum.’

Two years later, on Sunday 3 March 2024, her son Mike and daughter Michelle (Mich) Purse will be ran in the TTP Cambridge Half Marathon, in her memory.

Her niece Nicola (Nicky) Jones, works for Pavers, and they kindly donated £1,000 to support them and the Charity.

When Mich, Mick and Nicky called into the Hospice, on the anniversary of their Mum’s death, they shared their memories of the care Judy and the family received, with Corporate Partnerships Lead, Ellie Weatherley:

“Arthur Rank became our home throughout this time and Mum was shown the most loving and respectful care, which enabled us to be a family in the limited time we had left together.”

Mich lives in Germany and spent a month at the Hospice with her Mum, with them taking it in turns to sleep in the room with her. She added:

“It was made easier knowing the nurses were on hand, so we could spend every minute together.”

They recalled sharing their fundraising ambitions with their Mum when she was at the Hospice:

“We’ll be running with your face on the back of our t-shirts” she replied “Don’t be daft!” “but here we are.”

On their Enthuse page, they explained:

“We’ve got a great team of fellow lunatics (Pete, James, Rachel and Gemma) who are all running Cambridge Half Marathon with us in memory of our mum for #TeamArthur to raise funds for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity – so that anyone that needs this kind of palliative care will be able to receive it.

Mich and Mike are then going to attempt to run the Berlin Half Marathon just one month later too!

Thanks for your support and for those coming to cheer us on in Cambridge then Berlin. We got this!”

If you would like to support them, you can donate and find out more here:

Arthur Rank Hospice Charity: Running in Memory Judy (

If you would like to take part in a fundraising Challenge for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, please visit: or email or telephone 01223 675888.