Megan’s Lymphoedema Story

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Female Lymphoedema patient at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Megan, aged 18 years old, attends the Lymphoedema Clinic, at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, every six months for treatment on her right leg.

Megan’s Lymphoedema first presented when she was six weeks old. She woke one morning with significant swelling in her right leg, from her toes to her knee.

After many tests at her local hospital she was finally diagnosed with Lymphoedema. There is no history of Lymphoedema in Megan’s family not even in her two younger sisters.

Megan’s Mum, Lisa, shared:

“I can remember being told, by the doctor that diagnosed her, that she’ll never be able to wear a skirt! He didn’t know anything about Lymphoedema and couldn’t give me any information. I researched the condition myself and found Professor Mortimer at St Georges hospital. I asked for Megan to be referred there and he confirmed her diagnosis as Primary Lymphoedema. 

I contacted the Lymphoedema Support Network, and they sent me all sorts of information and details of clinics all over the country, and it was through them I found there was a clinic at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. There was, at that time, no paediatric care for Lymphoedema in Norfolk. 

Megan was referred to Arthur Rank Hospice Charity and has been visiting the clinic and seeing Lymphoedema Team Lead, Tracy Hancock, since she was about three years old.

Tracy has been amazing with her throughout all the years she’s seen Megan, with help with her compression stockings and advice with skin care. I really don’t think Megan’s Lymphoedema would be so controlled if it wasn’t for Tracy.”

4 females 3 nurses smiling outside the Hospice
The Lymphoedema Team at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity -(Left to right) Tracey Nunn, Carla, Natasha and Tracy Hancock

When Lisa shared her daughter’s story with us five years ago she said:

“When Megan tells her friends about having Lymphoedema the funniest thing she was asked was ‘Does your foot go green‘ – we can assure you Megan’s special leg (as Megan liked to call it) is not green and we think Megan is altogether a very special girl!”

Megan is about to turn eighteen now and will move to adult care in Norfolk.

Lisa concluded:

“Megan has never let her Lymphoedema stop her from doing anything she’s wanted to do and it doesn’t hold her back at all. She is doing her A Levels this year and is hoping to go on to University.”

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