George shares his Living Well experience

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Male sitting in a pink chair holding a small canvas

George, aged 72 years old, has had Parkinson’s Disease for 31 years. He remembers that earlier in his diagnosis he made a speech on behalf of the Parkinson’s Society.

He explained:

“The condition is hard at times – it’s harder as the weeks and years go on, it’s a slow process.”

The condition effects his memory, the use of his hands and balance so he has been coming the Living Well Service for friendship and support. George shared how people at the Living Well Service are supported:

“By having the opportunity to meet and share with others going through a similar situation.”

He continued:

“It’s friendly here. I met a man here who has died now, I will always remember him – it was like loosing a good friend – I had only know him two weeks.”

George lives in an annexe next to his daughter and so has support close by in case he falls. George added:

“I don’t have much use in my hands – I have grab rails but when I have had a fall it takes me a day and half to get over it.”

George has a son and a daughter and four grandchildren and proudly recalls:

“Two with my son and two with my daughter. A girl aged 7 and a boy aged 3, my son’s two boys are aged 8 and 4.”

George reminisced:

“I used to run a corner shop in March for 20 years. My mum used to work there too before she died, I bought the shop with my brother and we ran it as a family. My mum used to scrub and polish the concrete steps every day. Some customers who lived on their own only needed one egg and a rash of bacon [and we could sell that to them then].”

With the help of a volunteer, George was able to contribute to the canvas feedback project. He wanted it to represent change and he talked about what change means to him. When he was asked if he likes change he quickly replied:

“No, I’m a stalwart. There are few things in life we are certain of and that’s death and taxes.”

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