Celebrating Dedication of Long-Serving Volunteers

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Group photo of smiling people. Some of the people wear nurses' uniform.

Dedicated volunteers at the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity were recently honoured for their unwavering commitment, with long service recognition awards for 5, 10, 20, and 25 years of service.

The events, held on 25 October at the Education and Conference Centre in Cambridge and earlier on 12 October at the Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre, saw Senior Management and Trustees expressing their gratitude. Awards at the Treatment Centre in Wisbech, were presented by Michelle Knight, Matron. In the Cambridge event, they were presented by Sharon Allen, CEO of the Charity.

Each volunteer received certificates of recognition, a milestone pin badge, and words of thanks from their service area colleagues, celebrating their remarkable contributions to the Charity’s vital work. Volunteering roles across Retail, Fundraising, Community and Service areas all make a valuable contribution towards making every moment count.

Two women standing next to each other and smiling at the camera
Barbara Marshall has been a volunteer at the Charity for 25 years

Altogether, 36 volunteers received a long-service recognition. Half of them participated in the events and collected their certificates and pin badges in person.

Barbara Marshall, was awarded with the 25 years of service certification, which we proudly and gratefully presented. Other volunteers recognised were: Chris Wright (20 years), Ann Van Emmenis (20 years), Jane Bolland (10 years), Jan Brown (10 years), Doreen Martin (10 years), Barbara Nemeth (10 years), John Short (10 years), Clair Stone (10 years), Gilly Walker (5 years), Penny Vallins (5 years), Heather Tippett (5 years), Lorraine Smith (5 years), Peter Scourfield (5 years), Jill Saville (5 years), Elizabeth Robinson (5 years), Fiona Pooles (5 years), Sue Parish (5 years), Keith Parish (5 years), Gerry Mustill (5 years), Joanie Mills (5 years), Helen Mills (5 years), Wendy Menon (5 years), Fiona McIntyre (5 years), Joanne Mayes (5 years), Allan Marshall (5 years), Caroline Harris (5 years), Helena Hadjioannou (5 years), Margaret Green (5 years), Judith Dean (5 years), Anne Cleary (5 years), Helen Carden (5 years), Ann Burton (5 years), Pip Amos (5 years), Vicky Alda (5 years) and Paula Adekanye (5 years).

Chris Barker and Tina Biggs from the Voluntary Services Team commented:

“We really enjoyed celebrating with volunteers who were presented with their Long Service Awards, at the Alan Hudson Centre on 12 October, and at Shelford Bottom on 26 October. It was wonderful to hear all their positive experiences of volunteering. To all the volunteers who received an award this year, a heartfelt thanks for all that they do to enrich the services we offer at both sites. Years of service ranged from 5 to 25 years and collectively equate to 270 years of service to the Charity – what an amazing achievement!” 


Group of people holding their certificates and smiling at camera
The Cambridge event was held at our Education and Conference Centre
Group photo of smiling people. Some of the people wear nurses' uniform.
Volunteer long service awards in Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre, Wisbech

The Charity would like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers – we really couldn’t do it without them.

You can find out more about the volunteer opportunities at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity here: arhc.org.uk/join-us/volunteer-opportunities