Carol takes on Thames Bridge Trek for Hospice Care

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On 9 September 2023, Carol Tuck will embark on an inspiring mission to walk an Ultra Challenge the Thames Bridge Trek, whilst raising funds for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

Carol explained her reasons for taking part:

“I am doing this in memory of three people, my Dad, Richard Tuck, My Auntie Doreen Alderton and my Mum’s best friend, Anne Murfet, even though the circumstances and level of the support received for each of them was very different”

Carol’s connection with Arthur Rank Hospice Charity began when her Dad, Richard was being cared for at home by her Mum. The Charity’s Hospice at Home Team kept in touch with her Mum during this time to offer support and to provide information.

Additionally, Carol witnessed the compassionate in-person care provided to her Auntie Doreen by The Specialist Palliative Care Home Team.

Carol continued:

“Auntie Doreen received not only physical care but also emotional support, which proved invaluable in her healing journey. The consistent presence of Specialist Nurse Marit, brought comfort and a sense of security to the entire family during this challenging period.

Tragically, Carol’s Mum’s best-friend, Anne received the devastating news of a terminal illness last year. Initially, she received support from the Hospice at Home Team, allowing her to enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings. As her condition progressed, Anne was admitted to the Inpatient Unit at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

Carol shared:

“Whilst I accompanied my Mum during visits to Anne, I was so overwhelmed by both the facilities and the care provided, seeing first-hand how calm and peaceful the surroundings were, how friendly and caring the staff were and how peaceful Anne looked.”

Moreover, seeing how the clinical staff went above and beyond, for example: the unrestricted visiting hours at Hospice at Shelford Bottom in Cambridge and allowing Anne’s beloved dog to visit – recognising the therapeutic power of such a union, were a revelation for Carol.

Inspired by the care and support her family and friends received from Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, Carol hopes to contribute funds to ensure that more people can benefit from the same extraordinary care that her loved ones received.

If you can help Carol reach her target, please donate at

Sarah Clayton, Community Fundraiser commented:

“We are really grateful to Carol for taking on the 25km walk across London. We know she will be thinking of the people she is walking in memory for whilst she passes the historic landmarks and we wish her all the best for the day.” 

Have you been inspired you to support people in Cambridgeshire living with an advanced serious illness or other life-limiting condition and would like to take on a challenge for the Charity? Please visit our website  or email Carolyn or Sarah at or call 01223 675888 for more information.

 (Image: Carol’s Dad, Richard Tuck, Auntie Doreen Alderton and her Mum’s best friend, Anne Murfet)