Outside Spaces

Our gardens, the great outdoors and nature are as much a part of our home, as our clinic rooms and bedrooms.

The Bistro, Living Well lounge, physiotherapy gym and Arthur's Shed look out onto lovely flower beds and open spaces and all of the bedrooms on our Inpatient Unit open out onto accessible garden patios. 

Tulips in the foreground with accessible patios behind
View towards Inpatient Unit bedroom gardens
Pink flowers and grasses with bench and Arthur's Shed in background
Looking towards Arthur's Shed
View from Inpatient Unit bedroom to bird table on patio, with flowers behind
Bird table seen from Inpatient Unit bedroom
Purple lavender looking towards decked area of BIstro
Fragrant lavender towards the decked outside area of the Bistro
Colourful flower border
Beautiful bulbs brighten up the borders
Statue with daisy chain around her neck
Figure of a Woman dressed with a daisy chain
Table and chairs outside Day Therapy lounge, with grass behind
Outside seating area, next to Evelyn Living Well Centre's lounge
Looking down and left onto enclosed gardens which can be accessed by people living with Dementia
Enclosed gardens can be safely accessed by people living with Dementia
Two ducks cross grassed area in Hospice gardens
Some of our resident wildlife!
Decked area with table and chairs outside Inpatient Unit lounge
Seated decking area adjacent to Inpatient Unit lounge
Orange butterfly settles on a pink and purple flower
In the summer the Hospice is home to plenty of butterflies
Pheasant strutting in undergrowth of garden
Our friendly pheasant - named Henry by colleagues, due to his several wives!
Statue of a Woman in foreground with squirrel behind as if having a chat
A busy squirrel stops for a quick chat with our Figure of a Woman sculpture
Russet leaves of an autumnal tree with building behind
Colours of autumn
Screens between Inpatient Unit gardens
Screens between each Inpatient Unit garden space allow for privacy
Red, purple, white and pink flowers in front of fence
Summer flowers bordering the Bistro's outside seating area
Young magnolia tree coming into bloom with visitors using Day Therapy seating area in background
View across to Living Well services lounge outside seating area
Water fountain among long grasses with Sanctuary behind
Water fountain next to the Sanctuary provides a sense of peace and calm
White butterfly surrounded by grass perches on a flower
Each Summer colleagues get involved with the Big Butterfly Count
Purple flowers beside seating area
The Hospice's gardens have a mix of texture, colour and scent all year round

There are lovely plants dotted around the building, and vibrant life-sized photographs of bluebell woods and forests on the walls of our corridors thanks to The Good Plant Company, and David Anthony Hall (read more about his vibrant photos in this article and discover more about our Figure of a Woman sculpture, who overlooks our gardens, in this story.)

We even have green grassy roofs, much to the delight of the surrounding birds and bugs. We have resident squirrels, bluetits and magpies, pheasants and even a muntjac deer or two!

Whether you are sitting on the balcony outside a family apartments or enjoying a coffee on the decking outside the Bistro, you can hear the birds and the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Nature is never far away.

A short film by Abi Cochran