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Forever Loved Tribute Fund

a lasting way to remember a loved one


When we lose someone we love, we can feel a need to stay connected to that person and one of the ways we do this is by keeping their memories alive,

A Forever Loved Tribute Fund provides you and your family and friends with a special, personal space to share memories of a loved one.  It is a unique way for you  to celebrate their life, in whatever way you chose.

You can visit your Tribute Fund whenever you like, to add or read messages, remember your loved one at a special time of the year or to do something special in their memory - whether it be a challenge, tea party or to dedicate a leaf on our memory tree.  

Any money raised or donated in their memory will help make sure that we are here for those who need us.
We hope it inspires hope that some good can be created from such loss.

To set up a Tribute Fund, please visit Just Giving - in memory, or contact Chloe by email  or phone on 01223 675893. 

If you need any help with creating your fund, please get in touch - we would be happy to help.

Please e-mail us if you would like us to display the name of your loved one in our on-line Book of Remembrance. You can browse the book at any time and send a link to friends or relatives. 


How your donations help

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  £50 covers the monthly cost of creative therapy sessions

  £60 funds post bereavement support for relatives and carers

YOU can make a REAL difference!



One-off Regular Payment