Virgin Money London Marathon Your Way!

  • 1 October 2020

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Virgin Money London Marathon

The Virgin Money London Marathon is the largest annual one-day fundraising event on the planet. In 2019 the marathon raised £66.4 million for charity, setting a new Guinness World Record for an annual one-day charity fundraiser. This brought the total raised for charity since 1981 to more than £1 billion!

Covid 19 has meant it has not been possible for the marathon to go ahead in the way it has since 1981.

This weekend sees the celebration of the spirit of the Virgin Money London Marathon. While the elite runners take part in a closed course, the 40th event is also taking place remotely. 45,000 general entry runners are doing 26.2 miles their way!

With 24 hours to complete the course, participants can run, jog, or walk the distance starting from midnight this Saturday and finishing just before midnight on Sunday.

Many of us have faced huge challenges this year and despite all the uncertainty our original 2020 fundraising runners have continued to train and raise vital funds for us. We thank you for your commitment and for being utterly brilliant!

Back in April on the original date for the London Marathon, a further £8000 was raised for Arthur Rank with the 2.6 challenge. One of our London runners decided to run the actual course that day and completed it in around 3 hours. Amazing! We saw so many creative challenges that day and look back to it with fond memories.

Going forward, some of our original runners have decided to take part in this weeks virtual event along with a few new faces. We are so excited to see all 8 of you taking part, your way!

Our #TeamArthur runners are completing the course in a variety of ways: with her husband, Rebecca will be running The Tamsin Trail in Richmond Park, in memory of her sister Tamzin. Thomas will also be in London completing one of the Walk London Network routes. Alison plans to walk for around 7.5 hours to complete her course. Kimberley will be racing around Cambridge, Girton and Milton Country Park while Lesley will also leave her mum’s in Girton, pass along the guided busway towards Sutton and towards home. Jenny plans to start from the hospice early Sunday morning and essentially run home to Rampton and a bit! She will also pass along the busway during her challenge.

We hope if you are out and about and see a #TeamArthur marathon participant, you will cheer them on!

Jenny explained “ I will be wearing my Team Arthur shirt with pride. If anyone sees me on the day please give me a wave and don’t be concerned if I look a little hot, sweaty, red in the face and like I’m shuffling instead of running towards the end”

A new app has been developed so participants can log their miles and earn a unique finisher medal and t shirt!

We are so proud of all our participants and can’t wait to track progress on Sunday and enjoy the finish line selfies! This race is certainly of it’s time! See you at your virtual finish lines! #LondonMarathon #The40thRace #TeamArthur