Time To Talk

  • 29 January 2021

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Gemma Manning, HR Director and Sharon Allen, CEO holds up our pledge for Time to change in Arthur Rank Hospice gardens in September 2020.

During these difficult times Arthur Rank Hospice Charity continues to work hard to ensure the wellbeing of staff and volunteers maintains a top priority. We have introduced a number of initiatives over the past year which provide our workforce with the space to focus on their own mental health.

Garden Room Sanctuary 

Arthur's Shed at Arthur Rank Hospice was transformed into a Garden Room for staff to relax during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020

Last year our beloved Arthur’s Shed had a little makeover, and was transformed into ‘The Garden Room’, a tranquil spot for staff to take a break and unwind. It was transformed to offer a comfortable, relaxing space, furnished with cushions, inspirational books, biscuits and nice coffee and the windows were partly screened for privacy.

Positive feedback from one staff member recorded in the comments book included:

“So nice, felt like I had a proper breath for first time – thanks.”

20 Minute Care Spaces 

We have also launched our 20 minute Care Spaces, these are a great opportunity for staff to come together and share their feelings in a safe and constructive way.

Interactive Wellbeing Notice Board 

The interactive virtual wellbeing noticeboard was created during COVID-19 for staff to easily access online internal and external resources to support wellbeing

Our interactive virtual wellbeing noticeboard has also been popular and is an accessible way for staff and volunteers (where ever they are working) to quickly and easily see the internal and external resources available to them to support their wellbeing.

Wellness Action Plans 

We have also encouraged all staff to create Wellness Action Plans (WAPs), created by Mind, to help them and their line managers identify what they can do to support their wellbeing at work. These have proved popular and we have had excellent feedback about the way in which they enabled staff to reflect and share their feelings.

Time to Change

Our Wellbeing Group meets regularly and is excited to look at new innovative ways of supporting its workforce in 2021.

Gemma Manning, HR Director and Sharon Allen, CEO holds up our pledge for Time to change in Arthur Rank Hospice gardens in September 2020.

Of course Time to Talk is not just about wellbeing but facilitating an environment in which people are comfortable to talk openly about their mental health. We were privileged to register with the Time to Change scheme last year and have a clear set of objectives which we are already making great progress on!

A number of our goals directly address the need to reduce the social stigma that exists around sharing mental health experiences. We know that the best way to make our staff and volunteers feel comfortable sharing their feelings is to lead by example!

Journal Club 

The Charity advocates compassionate leadership and we have recently welcomed Michael West as one of our many guests to our monthly Journal Club to talk to us about how we can continue to do all we can as an organisation to lead with kindness and consideration.

We keep an open dialogue through our fortnightly bulletin, which includes detailed updates from Sharon Allen, our CEO and staff forums allow staff and volunteers to feel supported and able to share their feelings and experiences. The added benefit of these now being held online ensures our colleagues who do not work at the Hospice at Shelford Bottom, such as those from the Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre in Wisbech or our Retail shops can attend.

We look forward to building on this work in 2021 and ensuring our staff and volunteers continue to feel supported during these challenging times.