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Arthur Bear invites you to...

Be a Jam Jar Superstar!


Welcome to a really simple way of helping your local adult hospice support people with a life-limiting illness. You are doing something truly amazing every time you drop a coin or note into your jam jar.

It’s so easy:

1. Give us a call on 01223 675888 or send an email to to tell us you'd like to be a Jam Jar Superstar. We will then post you some exclusive Jam Jar Superstar stickers.

2. Find an old jam jar or other suitable container and place the stickers on the jar. Like these:

3. Place your jar somewhere you'll see it regularly and start to stash those coppers and small coins. You could make it harder by trying to give up something you love and place the money you would have spent on that item into the jar.

4. Once it's full, place the 'Thank you for your donation' sticker over the lid. You can drop it at the hospice itself, or any of our charity shops, addresses can be found here  If you would like to make a direct transfer into our bank, please email who will send you the information you need. Remember to say it’s for Jam Jar Superstar.

5. We will then write to you to thank you for the amount you have raised.

6. Take a new sticker and start again!

Don’t keep this great fundraising idea to yourself – tell your friends and colleague and get them involved.

For any questions or to order your Jam Jar Superstar stickers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.