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Hospice User Group

Fondly known in the hospice itself as HUG


Why is this group so important and how can you be part of it?

In order to improve our service you will be familiar with the general practice of seeking feedback about all aspects of the Hospice services. This is most often done by using questionnaires. Now, a Hospice User Group has been established to help us learn more from the experience of patients and carers.

The Trustees and staff are keen to learn more about the experience of all those who use the service we provide and have established the Hospice User Group (HUG) to carry this important work forward.  The HUG will engage directly with patients and carers informally and confidentially, ensuring that their voice is heard in shaping and improving services.  If there are things we could be doing, or do differently, we would like to hear.

HUG is comprised of volunteers, most of whom have had personal experience of the Hospice’s services either as a patient or as a carer.  They have received training in engaging with patients and carers, and how to listen carefully to their experience. All comments are non-attributable and are passed on anonymously.  Anything learned is treated confidentially and lessons learned are reported on a regular basis to the Trustees.

HUG members always identify themselves in discussions and explain what they do with any information they receive.  
The HUG team is led by Wendy Menon who will be pleased to hear from any user of the service who can help us to improve the service we offer. Peter can be contacted via Fran Gibbons at Arthur Rank Hospice by email or telephone 01223 675802.