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Request a speaker

Do you really know what a hospice is?


People are often interested to discover a hospice is far more than they may have initially expected. Our hospice talks offer groups and companies, the opportunity to learn more about the charity, the work of the hospice and most importantly, the impact it has for its local community.

The type of people who request hospice talks may include:

  • Local groups, such as the WI and the Rotary Club
  • Local Schools interested in learning about hospice services and how they can help support
  • Companies, looking to select a charity of the year or charity of the month

How long does a talk last?

Our talks can range in length from a brief 10 minute introduction to an hour with a presentation and opportunities for questions and answers. We can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of every individual enquiry and can focus on the hospice in its entirety or a more specific area if preferred dependent on the audience we are speaking to.

Who would be giving the talk?

The charity team includes all the staff members at the charity plus our wonderful and dedicated ambassadors. Like our staff, our ambassadors have first hand experience of the impact our care has on the community and the services on offer at the hospice and in peoples homes throughout Cambridgeshire.

Is there a charge?

We do not charge for our talks, however if your group are able to cover the travel expenses and where possible make a small donation to the charity we would be extremely grateful.

How to book

If you would like to check availability for a member of the team to visit you, please call 01223 675888 or email

Thank you for your interest



Fantastic Events

Have fun and make a difference by getting involved in fundraising for your local Hospice.

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