Jam Jar Superstar!

A really simple way of helping your local Hospice to support people with a life-limiting illness.

Every penny really counts when it comes to fundraising so help us to ensure pennies add up to pounds, which helps to make every moment count.


Could you be a Jam Jar Superstar by filling a jar with any spare change throughout 2023.

Request your FREE Jam Jar Superstar Information pack including stickers, labels and colouring.

Find an old jam jar or other suitable container and place the labels you receive from ARHC on the jar.

Place your jar somewhere you (and others) will see it regularly and start to stash those small coins in it. This could be anywhere, at home, in your staffroom, classroom or at your scouts, guides or youth group.

As an extra challenge: If you are trying to give up something that costs money, instead of buying it, you could put the money you would have spent on it into your jar instead.

Once you have a full jar place the 'Thank you for your donation' sticker over the lid.

You can then drop it into the Hospice, The Alan Hudson day Treatment Centre or any of our charity shops. Alternatively If you would like to make a direct transfer into our bank, please email finance@arhc.org.uk who will send you the information you need. Remember to say it’s for ‘Jam Jar Superstar’.

We will then write to you to thank you for the amount you have raised.
You will also receive new labels to start again!


Request Labels

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