Gift Aid your donation

Are you a UK taxpayer?  Complete the form below to boost your donation by 25p for every £1 you donate at no additional cost to you.

By completing the Gift Aid Declaration Form below, you can allow us to reclaim the basic rate of income tax on your donations, currently 25 pence to the pound, for example a £10 gift will be worth £12.50.

Gift Aid Declaration Form

  • Please fill out the form below to make your donation go further with Gift Aid. *These details are required so we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf.
  • Please let us know if your name and home address changes, if you wish to cancel your Gift Aid declaration, or if your tax circumstances change (for example if you stop being a UK taxpayer or if you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains).


Am I eligible for Gift Aid?

To be eligible you have to be a UK taxpayer, paying tax on your salary, savings, investments, pensions or capital gains.  All these qualify, as long as the total tax you pay is at least equal to the amount we, and other charities you donate to, can reclaim on your donations.

For every donation you give, we get an extra 25% from the government. For example if you give £4, we can get an additional £1. Or a £20 gift will be worth £25 - with the extra £5 coming from the Government. It also counts for donations you've made in the past, up to four years ago. 

No, Gift Aid is taken from tax you've already paid, so there's no charge to you. 

Yes. However, you will also need to complete a retail Gift Aid form. If you are donating items to our shops, all you have to do is complete our short Gift Aid form as you drop off you items. Ask in one of our shops or get in touch with

No.  Under UK law, certain donations are not eligible for Gift Aid. If your donation falls into any of the following categories, Gift Aid shouldn’t be claimed:

  • Donations made by anyone who is not a UK taxpayer.
  • Donations made on behalf of someone else or a group of people – For example, you collect money from your friends and family and then made a bulk donation.  Even if they are UK taxpayers, the donation is not eligible. HMRC needs a Gift Aid declaration from each of the donors contributing to the collection. If you are planning to arrange such a collection, please get in touch  and we can provide you with some forms.
  • Donations made in return for something. For example, you are making a donation in return for a ticket to attend an event, most purchases of goods at an auction, a cake sale donation, or buying a raffle ticket.
  • Donations made on behalf of a company (however, the company may be able to claim tax relief on the donation when donating directly to the charity).

No. Once you've completed and returned your form, you won't have to do it again for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. You should however, let us know if your tax status changes by calling 01223 675888 or by emailing us at 

That's great. You can Gift Aid all your donations to different charities - you just have to complete the Gift Aid declaration for each charity and Community Amateur Sports Club you support, and make sure you pay enough tax to cover the amount claimed by each charity. 

Charities can't claim back any more than basic rate tax on donations. However, if you pay higher rates of income tax, either at 40% or 45%, you can request a rebate for difference between the basic rate and the highest rate of tax on the gross value of the gift through your tax return. This can also be donated back to the charity if you wish. 

Changes to your tax status, name, address or dropping below the taxable threshold, can prevent us from claiming Gift Aid on your behalf. If you'd like to update your details you can call us on 01223 675888 or email us at