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See the world from your saddle

Choose a challenge at home or an adventure away!


Cycling is sited as the new national obsession, but is it yours? From cycling the wonderfully flat terrain of Cambridgeshire to an international adventure coast to coast in Costa Rica there is a challenge for every cyclists of every age.

Building on the legacy of London 2012 and the enormous success of the Tour De France, cycling is riding a new high. Of course, Cambridge residents will be more au fair with traveling on two wheels as the city enjoys a thriving pedaling presence. Our challenges cater for everyone, from the Tour De France enthusiast right down to the tiny riders still on stablisers! 

Each year have Bonded Places in Prudential Ride London - Surrey 100 which, in its inaugural year, saw 16,500 cyclists riding the 100-mile circular route from London to Surrey. To apply simply click HERE.

In September 2019, Team Arthur will take on the London to Paris cycle ride; a 300 mile, 4-day journey which takes you from Crystal Palace through Kent villages to Calais then across the beautiful countryside of France, right to the foot of the Eiffel Tower. To apply click HERE.  

If you would like a cycling event which is a bit more challenging check out our bike rides to the continent or even the grueling yet beautiful Costa Rica Coast to Coast.

Take your pick of challenges, dust off your tyres and get out there!

(Banner photo above courtesy of Jed Leicester)


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