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Deserts, mountains, rivers, canyons

Wherever you walk.....walk with us


Traverse the Sahara Desert alongside a caravan of camels, see dawn break over the Lea Valley as you walk the 100km to Cambridge, visit three countries in one weekend as you take on the mighty 3 Peaks.

With a wealth of options from UK based event such as the National 3 Peaks to treks as far afield as Kilimanjaro in Africa or the Inca Trail in Peru we will surely have a challenge to suit your needs. 

Our Hospice Sahara Trek based in Morocco brings together a team of adventurers as they trek across the Sahara. With three Sahara Treks under our belts; this popular challenge has become a staple adventure in the Team Arthur calendar with the next due to depart in March 2020.

We highlight on our website only a few of the many events we can offer. If you have your heart set on a challenge which is not listed here then get in touch HERE and we will do our best to make it happen for you. 



Sahara Challenge

March 2020

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Hadrian's Wall Path

Spring 2019

> Launching soon! 

National 3 Peaks


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