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Deserts, mountains, rivers, canyons

Wherever you walk.....walk with us


Traverse the Sahara Desert alongside a caravan of camels, see dawn break over the Lea Valley as you walk the 100km to Cambridge, visit three countries in one weekend as you take on the mighty 3 Peaks.

With a wealth of options from UK based event such as the National 3 Peaks to treks as far afield as Kilimanjaro in Africa or the Inca Trail in Peru we will surely have a challenge to suit your needs. 

Our Hospice Sahara Trek based in Morocco brings together a team of adventurers as they trek across the Sahara. With three Sahara Treks under our belts; this popular challenge has become a staple adventure in the Team Arthur calendar with the next due to depart in March 2020.

We highlight on our website only a few of the many events we can offer. If you have your heart set on a challenge which is not listed here then get in touch HERE and we will do our best to make it happen for you.  If you would like to direct your fundraising to the Alan Hudson Day Treatment Centre, please inform one of our fundraisers.



Sahara Challenge

March 2020

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Hadrian's Wall Path

Spring 2019

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National 3 Peaks


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