Mother and Son RideLondon to support Hospice Care

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young boy on mum lap by bike

(Photo: Caroline and Noah taken 20 years ago)

On Sunday 26 May 2024, Caroline Harris and her son, Noah Harris, are gearing up for an incredible challenge: cycling just over 100km (60 miles) on the Ford RideLondon-Essex 60 route.

Known as the centrepiece of the world’s greatest festival of cycling, the 100-mile challenge is one of the UK’s most famous challenge rides.

Their motivation is to raise vital funds to support people receiving services via Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, a cause the family faithfully supports.

Caroline’s journey with Arthur Rank Hospice Charity began about six years ago when she decided to volunteer at the Retail hub. What started as a small contribution blossomed into a deep appreciation for the invaluable services the Charity provides to support people in Cambridgeshire living with an advanced serious illness or other life-limiting condition and those who need end of life care.

Reflecting on her experience, Caroline from Thriplow shares,

“During this time, doing my small bit for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, I have learned (and am still learning) what an amazing facility the Hospice is, the numerous services that are provided both in the Hospice and at home, the fantastic support offered to patients and families, and the wonderful people who help provide them.”

lady and young man smiling at the camera
Caroline and Noah Harris

Noah, caught wind of the London ride event and proposed they tackle it together. For Caroline, the decision was a no-brainer:

“I get to spend time with Noah and we raise money for an amazing charity,”

Their family secures the very successful pitch at the famous Thriplow Daffodil weekend for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity annually. They are committed to the shared goal of making a difference in the lives of those we support within Cambridgeshire.

Caroline and Noah’s participation in RideLondon is not merely about conquering a physical challenge; it’s about the values of compassion, resilience, and community support. Every pedal stroke represents a commitment to providing comfort, care, and dignity to individuals facing life-limiting illnesses.

You can support Caroline and Noah’s fundraising efforts today by donating via and be a part of their journey towards making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Sarah Clayton, Community Fundraiser commented:

“Caroline is a truly wonderful lady, she gives so much to Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. It is a joy to see her and Noah enter RideLondon to raise further awareness for our cause.”

If you would like to support people in Cambridgeshire living with an advanced serious illness or other life-limiting condition and would like to take on your own challenge for the Charity, please email Sarah at or call 01223 675888.