“In memory of my dear, late husband Austin”

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My dear, late husband Austin passed away early February 2022 – not long before his 75th birthday and our 52nd Wedding Anniversary. His death was sudden and unexpected; it was a terrible shock to myself and my three children.

Although Austin had beautiful family flowers at his funeral, we decided that more could be done for others if people donated to charity instead of spending money on more flowers.

We chose Arthur Rank Hospice Charity as we were familiar with their services from first-hand experience. The Charity had cared for my dear sister over 30 years ago at their previous site on Mill Road. The work they did then – and still do is amazing!

The staff are kind and caring. They look after, not only the patient, but also those important people around them.

It’s the thoughtful things they do, they knew my sister would not see her daughter celebrate her 10th birthday. So staff laid on an early party. That little girl has grown into a lovely young lady, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday and she has always remembered that kindness.

Over the years, I have taken part in charity collections and helped at fundraising events, as I know how important their work is. I have often been asked by people when collecting “Is the Hospice for elderly people?” and the answer is “No” as sadly terminal illness is not determined by age. My late sister was only 48 years old when she died, and my son lost a friend who was just 21 years old who was also cared for at the Hospice.

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I always say at Arthur Rank Hospice Charity the feeling is that people are living with a terminal illness instead of dying from it.

My husband I went to the opening of the Hospice when it moved to Shelford Bottom in 2016 and we were amazed by the state-of-the-art facilities. We often ate in the Bistro and our Christmas cards were bought from nowhere else.

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I know that Austin would be pleased that donations in his memory raised £2,545.50 for a charity close to his heart. It is true tribute to him.

By Gill McMurrough