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Caroline And Her Dad Having Fun

Alison one of our Community Fundraisers had a lovely message from Caroline recently, who explained why she decided to fundraise by taking on a skydive and the Wolf Run for the Hospice.

“I had planned to do the 10k Wolf Run last year (but then got pregnant… oh, and COVID).

We didn’t know obviously then that Dad was going to be diagnosed with the aggressive cancer early this year and least expected, spend his last days in a hospice.

Caroline And Her Dad



But my whole family and I, truly agree that it was only when he was with you and the cancer was now causing so much pain, that you managed to keep on top of that for him, keep him comfortable, well-shaved and out of pain. You looked after Dad with respect and care. From how you monitored him throughout all hours, to dressing him in his best t-shirts and listening to his favourite music.

You didn’t mind all those phone calls from me every night Dad was there, to speak to a lovely nurse who had been looking after my Dad. She always helped me in the night when I wasn’t with him. Never did you mind that 27th phone call at 2am.

 Caroline And Her Dad Having A Hug


I will never forget, right up until Dad’s last day when Sarah walked me down to the door where Dad had passed 30 mins prior, how – although I dreaded to see him in his lifeless state – when I was in, I didn’t. I got on the bed and just hugged him for nearly an hour.

The support of the nurses helped me gain strength for that day. Forehead to forehead I lay with him and his pain had gone. I could see that his face was relaxed and peaceful at last.

Thank you for that. It was definitely Arthur Rank Hospice that enabled Dad to have the quiet, peaceful exit he had (nothing like he would have been, loud as a lion!) but it was so reassuring to hear that he had gone, in the presence of Arthur Rank Hospice Charity staff, so so peacefully.”

Caroline And Her Dad And Mum







“This photo (above) of Dad, Mum and myself was taken at their wedding renewal ceremony in November 2019. Dad kept asking Mum to marry him, again, so they did. It was a truly lovely day.

Caroline And Her Dad At His Wedding Renewal Service

We were sitting down waiting for the ceremony to begin but as you can see in the photograph (left), I am talking to Dad, he is looking at the order of service and I am trying to show him when we (me and Dad) will be singing “At Last”. We practiced for weeks before and weeks after and Dad was determined to sing it at the wedding renewal with me, for Mum. Dad wanted to know exactly when we were to stand up and walk to the centre for everyone to see and hear our beautiful rendition. He was so proud and excited.

Music and family (and QPR) were what Dad was about. The other photos show a bit more of Dad’s cheeky, loving and fun character. I couldn’t resist!”.


Thank you so much for sharing Caroline. #TheseMomentsCount

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