10 year old Dexter shaves his hair in memory of his Grandad

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Boy smiling at camera in red t shirt and glasses with long broen hair

At just ten years old, Dexter is showing incredible strength and generosity beyond his years.

A student at Littleport Community Primary School, Dexter has a love for gaming, YouTube, film, anime, and all things creative. But what truly sets him apart is his heartfelt mission to support Arthur Rank Hospice Charity in memory of his beloved Grandad, Keith Chetwynd.

Dexter’s journey of compassion began after his Grandad passed away in December, following a major stroke. Grandad Keith spent his final week at the Inpatient Unit at Arthur Rank Hospice, where Keith and the the entire family were cared and supported. The Hospice team made a difficult time a little more bearable, offering not just medical care, but emotional support that continues to resonate with Dexter and his family.

Katy Lucy, Dexter’s mum commented;

“Dexter has found losing him [his Grandad] very difficult and continues a slow journey through grief. We’re incredibly proud of him and his determination to find good in such a horrific time. He’s a very special kid who always puts others first.”

In the midst of his grief, Dexter found a unique way to give back to the place that brought comfort to his family. For the past three years, he has been growing his hair—a symbol of his commitment and patience. Recently, Dexter decided to shave it all off to raise funds for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, a decision that came as a bit of a shock to his family! They encouraged him to take some time to think it through, but Dexter’s mind was made up. He wanted to make a difference.

Older man in cream sitting on sofa cuddle a small boy with brown hair and striped trousers
Dexter and Grandpa Keith Chetwynd

The big shave is scheduled for the night before the end of the school term, ensuring Dexter can share his new look with his school friends on the last day. Julie Pearce, Dexter’s class teacher shared:

“Dexter is an amazing pupil who is always smiling and friendly. He is incredibly caring and thoughtful towards his friends and he knows how to cheer them up if they are upset. I admire his bravery and compassion – he is a true role model for us all!”

Dexter’s determination and the way he channels his grief into something positive have made his family incredibly proud. They describe Dexter as someone who always puts others first and this act of kindness is a testament to that. Dexter’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact one person can have, regardless of age. His willingness to part with something he’s nurtured for so long, in honour of his Grandad and in support of others, is truly inspiring.

Sarah Clayton, Community Fundraiser, expressed her thanks to Dexter. She commented:

“Dexter is an impressive young boy, and we are honoured to shine a spotlight on his incredible act of generosity.”

You can support Dexter via his JustGiving page

If Dexter’s story has touched your heart and you feel inspired to make a similar gesture, consider joining our #HairWeGo campaign. By chopping your locks, you can raise awareness and funds to help us continue providing exceptional care and support to families during their most challenging times.

If you, younger members of your family or your school have been inspired and would like to fundraise for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity please contact Sarah from our Community Fundraising team, email  cf@arhc.org.uk  or call 01223 675888 for fundraising support.