Patient Privacy Notice

This notice explains how we collect, hold use data about you, if you are cared for by our services. 

Clinical Services

If you use our clinical services, we will need to collect all the personal data we have outlined already, plus sensitive or ‘special category’ information that relates to your physical and/or mental health and any other information deemed as relevant such as your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. This data goes onto form your healthcare record, together with additional information such as the personal details of your family and/or carers, etc.

We may also need to contact your previous health or social care providers for additional background information which may include not only your GP but hospital Trusts and other community care providers, but only with your explicit consent.

From time to time, care staff may be asked to take clinical photographs of your body for medical purposes, such as in the case of pressure ulcers. Such photographs would form part of your medical record and would not be made publicly available (without your explicit consent). Equally, CCTV is only used in general areas and access to view the footage is restricted to key individuals.